CareV.E.T.: Innovative training approach 

for Supportive Living Operators 



CareV.E.T. project’s main objective is to extend the offer of high quality learning opportunities, delivering an up-to-date pioneer curriculum in the field of Supported/Assisted Living. The curriculum will address the latest’s technological advancements in the assisted living domain, as well as role playing, social networks building around people with disabilities, and self-advocacy skills that can be utilized by the supportive living operators(SLOs) to improve the beneficiaries’ well-being. 

A toolkit will be developed, demonstrating state of the art solutions in Assisted Living (motion detection, location identification, heart rate measurements, step counting, sleep behavior, etc), that the SLOs will be able to try with beneficiaries during practical training and work based learning. 

CareV.E.T. is intended to be an attractive curriculum that will combine social care, ICT and wellness competencies.

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